What if your brand identity was so powerful, it called in only the best clients, opportunities, and projects ?

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Get the right eyes on your products or services and scale.

I had heard about Marina about 6 months ago and kept thinking I can figure all this out on my own. I was wrong. Once Marina’s team got going with me we just took off. I learned so much in my time with her than I ever could have done on my own. Marina is an amazing brand strategist and brand storyteller. I also did the Human Design reading with her and it inspired me to redo all my offers! 2 new clients in the same week! Highly recommend !

Moran T.

I have been working with MKS for 3 months and it has been an incredible experience. I love their branding approach. It's like the took an imprint straight from my soul !

Corinna S.

Marina’s team has made such a huge difference in our marketing efforts by posting to several platforms on a consistent basis. We often hear "You guys are everywhere! ” This is so important to stay on top of people’s mind.

Caroline H.

My team and I worked closely with the MKS team during our most recent launch. They are incredibly reliable, dedicated, and handled the complexity of our campaign with total ease. We have 3x our sales.

Eddie G.

I think I might be one of Marina's guinea pigs who tested her Human Design for Branding approach. I was a little bit skeptical, but her Human Design readings are always so on point......OMG ! I feel like my soul has been translated into art. My Human Design for Business reading showed me my business archetypes, my niche, and then she created a brand board to reflect it. Her team is working on the brand identity and website right now. Can't wait to share it with my clients, feel like it's going to take my work to the next level. Definetly impressed !

Sarah B.

I tried so many copywriters but I never felt like ayone got my story or vision corretly. After just one session with Marina, I have never felt so seen, heard, and understood. She pulled out these " golden nuggets " and translated the thoughts from my mind into such a compelling brand story.

Christopher S.

Everyone's talking about the brand story and Human Design..... What about the the Brand Design and Strategy ? I have a commerical resturant and they did everything from my logo, to signage, to full branding. Super talented bunch - check them out!

Pete K.

Super resourceful and well connected team. I met Marina in Marrakech and then again in Boston. I had a project that needed a branding photo shoot in Italy and she got it covered. This team is always reliable and creative with solutions. Well done guys.

Ryan W.

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Have you ever felt like ?

  • “My website and brand identity don’t reflect me or my mission.”
  • “I have a website but it’s not converting into sales.”
  • “Creating a personal brand is like changing my identity. It’s important to me to create something I feel proud of.”
  • “I’m selling but I feel exhausted. My business is not scalable and I’m thinking about giving up.”

If you are struggling with what direction to take for your business, feel like your creative juices have dried up, or like the flow of money is on pause, we understand. Yet, you cannot hide in a state of waiting. You can keep watching Youtube videos and searching through the forums for answers, or you can pay for speed.

And now more than ever, speed is of the essence.

It is possible to get ready in the Now.  And you must. Because a lot of business may be going under in 2024. Now is exactly the moment to move and move smartly. This way when life offers you the opportunity to release your rocket fuel, you do not miss your chance.


A soul aligned way to sell, convert, and deliver your message

Master your communication

As a visionary, founder, and leader you understand that your business can only grow at your rate of self development and how well your energy is optimized. That’s why you know the next step for your business is creating a brand that reflects:

We attract at the frequency we vibrate. This means you attract at the level you treat yourself and business.  So the question is, how do you want your brand to show up ?

Are you ready to level up ?

Who are we ?

What makes us different?

Hi I’m Marina Solovyov, Copywriter, Brand storyteller and Brand Strategist at Marina Kech Studio. After 15 years living and working in countries like Japan, Spain, USA,  Spain, and Morocco, I cultivated a team of incredibly talented designers, consultants, developers, and creators from around the world.

Our team helps entrepreneurs and visionary founders create powerful brand messaging and websites that are amplified by data driven strategy and innovative design. This allows you to pitch yourself more confidently, attract incredible opportunities, and attract a team that will help you succeed.

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We work so hard on attracting our dream partner. Why would developing a relationship with your dream client be any different ?


Are you ready to do business in an authentic way that magnetizes the most aligned opportunities, people, and clients to you ?