Get a brand identity so aligned with your truest gifts that your ideal clients can’t wait to see, hear, & buy everything you bring to the table

From Boston to Tokyo to Marrakech our team helps you experience brand messaging amplified by data driven strategies and innovative design.   From Boston to Tokyo to Marrakech our team helps you experience brand messaging amplified by data driven strategies and innovative design.


Master your communication

If you are a business owner, high ticket online educator, coach, or aspiring entrepreneur you already know how amazing it feels when you are creating from your soul and bringing value into the world. On the flipside you may also recall memories working for bosses or clients when you wanted to hurl you computer across a room or give back money just to end the clear incompatibility.

Those are definitely feelings you don’t want to relive again. As an aspiring visionary, soul entrepreneur, and leader you now understand that your business can only grow at your rate of self development. That’s why you know the next step for your business is creating a brand that reflects:

Just like in love, we can only attract who we are.  So the question is how do you want your brand to show up ?

Are you ready to show up ?


What makes us different?

Hi I’m Marina Solovyov, a former health coach turned brand storyteller and conversion copywriter of my small but international digital marketing agency Marina Kech Studio. After many failures and lessons learned I fell into my truest alignment by applying astrology, human design, and energetics to discover my deepest gifts. This allowed me to build my dream team of designers, digital marketers, and creators with geographical hooks ranging from Boston to Marrakech to Tokyo.

Our team helps entrepreneurs or aspiring ones create powerful brand messaging that is amplified by data driven strategy and innovative design. Many entrepreneurs struggle for a long creating products that are not in alignment with who they really are, yet these short cuts will only attract clients you don’t want to work with.  We can only attract what we are and that is why infusing your story and unique human design into your business is a must to differentiate yourself in a sea of people offering the same services.

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We work so hard on attracting our dream partner and seducing them to fall in love with us and respect us. That takes time, nurturing, and consistency. Why would developing a relationship with your dream client be any different ?

The world is moving forward. We are heading into a possible economic winter, yet that doesn’t need to be your story if you understand how to thrive. As Wanye Gretzky said “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” Your ideal customer is craving for you to do business in an authentic way and prepare a strategy that makes them feel seen, heard, and understood. 

How To Work With Us



help me build an emotional connection with the right audience and grow my list. I am ready to share my story with the world


I want to make a strong impression, I need a brand identity that will WOW my audience and turn them into fans


 I have amazing digital products or I’m selling ecommerce – I  just need to get the right eyes on them! Please help me scale

I had heard about Marina about 6 months ago and kept thinking I can figure all this out on my own...I was wrong...once Marina’s team got going with me we just took off. I learned so much in my time with her than I ever could have done on my own. Marina is an Excellent social media coach, great to work with and easy to understand, highly recommend!

Moran T.

I have been working with MKS for 3 months and it has been an incredible experience. Marina’ s team has not only educated me about how to use social media, but we 3x our business. Really satisfied !

Corinna S.

Marina’s team has made such a huge difference in our marketing efforts by posting to several platforms on a consistent basis. We often hear "You guys are everywhere! ” This is so important to stay on top of people’s mind.

Caroline H.

My team and I worked closely with the MKS team during our most recent launch. They are incredibly reliable, dedicated, and handled the complexity of our campaign with total ease.

Eddie G.

Have you ever felt like ?

“ I ’ve built a website, now what ? ”
“ I want to launch a digital course but I have no audience to sell to.”
“ I can’t get my audience to engage on instagram stories, newsletters, blog posts and when I do it’ s always far and spread out in between. ”
“ I ‘m selling but I feel exhausted, my business is not scaleable ”

If you are struggling with what direction to take for your business, feel like your creative juices have dried up, or like the flow of money is on pause, we understand you. Yet, you cannot hide in a state of waiting. You can keep watching Youtube videos and searching through the forums for answers, or you can pay for speed.

And now more than ever, speed is of the essence.

It is possible to get ready in the Now.  And you must. Because a lot of business may be going under in 2023. Now is exactly the moment to move and move smartly. This way when life offers you the opportunity to release your rocket fuel, you do not miss your chance. 

But the only thing is ……you have to do it with your heart. The economic and marketing climate has drastically changed. Your customer’s attentions spans are shorter than ever. That’s why you have to get into their hearts.

The gift of mastering communication from a place of your true authority is what will make the difference someone hiring you, RSVPing to your wait list, or moving on and forgetting that you exist. Our mission is to help you extract the magic that is inside you. This way,  whether you are working 30 or 60 hours a week, you can feel excited to wake up, create, and serve.


Are you ready to make your mark on the world and make big dollars for it ?

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