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First impressions count, that’s why you need a strong brand identity

A brand is not just a logo, its a whole universe with a visual story.

3 Ways to Work Together. Which one is calling you ?

Branding & Product Starter

Get Art Direction, Graphic Design, & Branding

Are you dreaming to create or redo your visual identity so your incredible brand story will have an equally magnetic brand identity? Guided by our core power of strategic outlook, our creative team will work with you to extract the essence of what you do and translate it into something that your ideal client will fall in love with. Together we will design a strong brand image, unique visual communication for you instagram. Just as you have always dreamed, your story will come to life in a beautiful, captivating, and impactful way. Your audience will feel so inspired they will DM you just to tell you how much they love what you created ! 

THIS OFFER INCLUDES:  A consultation to precisely identify your needs • A brand questionnaire • A strategic analysis • A moodboard • 2 logotype proposals • Choice of a color palette • Typographic choices • Refinements and retouching • Final logo + secondary logo(s) • Brandboard • Delivery of final files (.png .jpg .pdf)

The Expert Package

Rebrand or launch your dream into action for your Website, Social Media, or Product Design

Perfect for companies looking for a global formula to stand out as experts. If you want a complete visual universe for the promotion and development of your products or services, this package is for you. It allows you to have a strong and singular identity ensuring the reliability and recognition of your brand and allowing your target audience to easily identify you are the one for them !

THIS OFFER INCLUDES: • A consultation to precisely identify your needs • A brand questionnaire • A strategic analysis • A moodboard • Realization of 2 proposals for creative paths for your packaging • Adjustment of the chosen proposal • Delivery of mockups of your packaging • Delivery of your print files (PDF) • Optional: Photography of your products, on plain backgrounds or in live scenarios, for your site or social networks.

5 Senses Product Packaging

Connect with your customers through a sensory unpacking experience 

With a cumulative 40 years experience of living and working in packaging meccas Tokyo and Marrakech, our team is well versed in the art of packaging. A true packaging experience is designed to help consumers transition from one mood to another, and experience emotions such as anticipation, surprise and delight. The packaging and label graphic design represents the envelope and the visual identity of a product, and the details are what create the final effect.

We offer an extraordinary and sensual design and creation of packaging or your label. Its visibility and ability to attract the consumer are decisive in the purchasing process. Indeed, some products require a precise analysis of the packaging or a specific and mandatory regulation to appear. The constraints can be significant and must be integrated in a clever way.  

Your brand image is that “extra” but ubber important element that determines how many people will sign up for your newsletter, buy your digital courses, and get on the wait list for your launches



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see more examples of your work ?

With pleasure. If you would like to see more examples of our branding or website portfolio, please send a message to hello@marinasolovyov.com

What is your teams creative process ?

Although it is creative work, a strong visual identity is created through a well-defined series of processes and analysis. First we collect information that we will use in your brand’s visual exploration and identity development. After receiving your brief, we collect and anaylze valuable information about your company, your request, and align it with your true needs to achieve the essence of your desired project. This information will later be analyzed in order to offer a strategic result. 

What does the final result look like ?

 We bring together all the elements created in the previous steps on a document in a brandboard. Once all this is done and validated, a visual universe will have taken shape. It defines the brand and allows it to be recognized on many different media.

How do I schedule an appointment?

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What is a moodboard and how do you use it?

We create mood boards to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of your project. It is at this stage that we manage to identify a suitable color palette and graphic elements, such as icons, typography or photographs. Once we identify two possible looks, we dig into them again until one feels like the perfect one for your brand – this is when we begin to prepare the steps for a complete presentation file. We keep refining, then start to bring together all the elements created in the previous steps of a brandboard. Once all this is done and validated, a visual universe for your brand will begin to take shape. The final result will define your brand and allow it to be recognized on many different media outlets.

What industries do you work with ?


  • Luxury Tourism
  • Cosmetic Beauty
  • Health/Food Market
  • Real Estate
  • Weddings/Events
  • Luxury Restaurants
  • Ecommerce
  • Fashion
  • Online Coaches
  • High ticket educators
  • Digital Content Creators

What is the next step ?

The next step is quite simple!

If you are ready to invest in a strong and unique brand identity to highlight your business, simply click below fill out the form.

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