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Unleash the story that will magnetize your ideal clients to you

Are you ready to build your premium brand and step into the leader you were meant to be ?

By aligning your hero story with your truest self, you will emit an energy that will make people feel safe, excited to work with you, and inspired to transform.

Are you ready to operate from your unique human design and be appreciated for your innate gifts ?

Partners & trained under

Dear Fellow Rebel & Visionary,

Welcome. I know you’ve been to hell and back to learn what you know now. I see you. I’ve been you. It’s time to let your powerful story shine into the world so that you can make impact in your business and serve your audience in a massive way.

Everything has energy. People, colors, money. I am here to help you piece together your story in an honest and beautiful way so it will help grow your audience and attract people who can’t wait to work with you. I want to help you get good money into your hands because I know you are going to do amazing things with it !

Truth bomb.

When it comes to how people perceive you and how much you can charge, your story matters. Can you imagine what would happen if you could create a powerful brand story that attracted people so right they would even share it for you.

You know it is time to step into the leadership role you were destined for and all that’s missing now is for you to share your story.

So Whats The Problem ?

Writing your story sounds easy and you are motivated. So why do you feel tormented about not knowing how to share you story ?

Does this feel like you ?

“ I’m tried of stepping into the masculine role to succeed. It feels so unaligned with who I really am !” 

“ But what if telling my story hurts the people who played a role in it ? ”

“ I don’t feel like I’ve achieved enough yet, I’m not sure my story will make an impact. “

“ I’m still feeling unclear about who I want to attract OR I don’t want to exclude people from my work, so it’s hard to know which story to pick.”

“ My story has a lot of darkness and I don’t want people to see me like this.”

“ Every time I sit down to write my story it doesn’t reflect how I truly feel or what I’m trying to express. ”

 “ My fears from different life experiences are holding me back and I don’t know how to move through them.

Check In Point

If you are ready to take the next step in building a soul aligned brand – you are in the right place.

Lets put into perspective the consequences of holding onto your story

  1. Sitting on your story could keep doors closed and opportunities from happening that otherwise would have allowed more financial freedom, clarity, and time to work on exciting projects or other areas of your life.
  1. You will keep struggling with confidence issues when explaining your services.  As a result, you will have a hard time connecting with your ideal customer and this will limit your sales.
  1. You will keep stuck energy locked inside you and it will make it difficult to launch your business or make it stand out.
  1. You won’t feel connected with your brand and this could keep you from attracting key people that could be game changers for your business; and even if you do meet them you will struggle to keep them engaged. 
  1. Hello love life and creating an awesome team, or should I good say Bye ? It is really hard to attract your dream partner (s) if you are having a hard time showing up as your best and most authentic self.
  1. You will keep lacking clarity and confidence around sharing your story and this will keep you from from launching your website, brand, sharing on Instagram and getting your message out.

Here is the bottom line. Your energy is what makes the strategy work. There is not a one size fits all approach because we are all unique. If you have ever tried to copy someone’s strategy and didn’t get the same results, it is because it was not aligned with your truth and you know this.

After our work

 – You will have more clarity to launch your dream business according to your unique human design

 – You will receive more DMs and comments on your posts because your heart will be aligned with your messaging

 – You will feel much more connected with your brand because your brand story will be integrated, and your work will be more impactful

– Your stories and content will reach people more powerfully than ever before

– You will get crystal clear on your values, mission, and learn the right strategy to infuse this into your business

– You will speak about your mission statement and story in a way that you feel proud of

– You will open many new doors for collaborations, podcasts, press, and press features

– You will get an incredible bank of stories that will help you create new content  

– You will have more confidence to rebrand yourself and hire your dream designer ( hint: hi have you met our design team ) 

– You will be able to create new sales pages and funnels with ease because you will be better able to articulate your message and offering

– You will feel more prepared and confident to launch your own podcast, webinar, or even create a digital course

– You will end your struggle with burnout or procrastination because your business will finally feel like it supports you, even if you take a break

My Mission

Hi I’m Marina, a conversion copywriter, human design strategist, subconscious reprogramming coach, and founder of Marina Kech Studio communications and branding agency.

My life’s mission is to help people awaken their hearts so they can take advantage of the life forces that drive them. This means that I am here to help you dig deep into your soul and pull out the truth of who you are but have been conditioned to forget. I know that as a leader and visionary you want to help elevate the world by helping people around you to wake up. The world needs the gifts that only you have.

Why You Are Here

If you’ve made it this far, than I know you are here to step into the role you were meant to. The one that world is desperately waiting for.

I am here to help you feel more focused, clear, and empowered to spread your message from a place of confidence.

I am here to help you reveal your story in a real and authentic way, and with a framework that reflects your unique human design so that your business can truly shine.

Can Brand Story & Human Design really work for your business ?


Read the testimonials of our clients and discover for yourself !

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I’ve had people tell me within the first moment read through my site, they could *literally* hear my voice and feel my personality.

Selma B.

I heard about Marina about 6 months ago and kept thinking I can figure all this out on my own…I was wrong…once Marina’s team got going with me, my brand just took off. Through her Human Design readings, I learned so much about my self and how to communicate with my audience. I feel more energy than ever before and things are just flowing. MKS is really great to work with and I highly recommend the HD readings!

Mark T.

If you are torn on your decision to start with a Human Design reading or going straight to building your brand, please do yourself a favor and invest in your business! Give Marina your trust. Her readings will blow you away. I also booked 3 months of coaching with her and my mindset is clearer than ever.

Caroline H.

I´m interested, but I´m not sure yet

No worries- let’s stay in touch and I’ll send you some useful tips on how to use human design in your messaging and business!

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3 Ways To Work Together –  Start Your Journey Today !

( 3 Hours ) Instant Clarity Intensive, Master Your Heros Journey Story

In this session we will get crystal clear on the things that are holding you back in your subconscious mind so you can release your powerful brand story. By looking at the underlying causes of your limiting beliefs, we can extract the most important parts of your story. You will then start attracting the clients you truly want to serve. Go from feeling confused, overwhelmed, or stuck, to having a new strategy that will magnetize the right audience to you.

This session will include a customized brain wave meditation.

You will walk away with tools to more clearly identify your niche, goals, and learn how to extract the story you need from your everyday life.

You will have more confidence and clarity on where you want to take your business and why. You will also be able to identify your hero’s journey story and pitch it to anyone you meet.

500 USD

( 2 Hours ) Get Your Unique Marketing BluePrint

By tapping into the wisdom of your unique human design and astrological birth chart, we will be able to identify your truest gifts and get your unique marketing blueprint 

You will walk away with a clearer understanding of the best way to show up & serve the world based on your Human Design. You will learn a strategy that is simple, effective, and authentic.

We will also tap into your soul’s message. When you incorporate this into your Brand Story & your messaging, it is impossible for the world to not respond to you.

350 USD

3 or 6 Month Mentorship Program

Feel guided and held throughout your journey as you create a legacy brand where you are recognized for your unique talents and gifts. You will learn to effectively communicate your story in a way that you are living and breathing your message and mission. As you do, I will support you with clearing limiting beliefs that come up and challenge your progress. Subconscious reprogramming is a life changing skillset and once you learn it, you will always be able to catch yourself from defeating self talk. This will help you set goals and execute them faster, all the while staying true to your heart’s mission. During our working together, you will also have access to astrological insights and transits that are uniquely affecting your business or personal life.

We meet 4 times a month for 90 Minutes, daily access to Voxer

3 months 2500 USD
6 months 5000 USD