Can you imagine if your messaging attracted the best clients, more sales, & incredible projects ?


This is Possible when you leverage your unique genius in the human design blueprint

Your Human Design chart can indicate your marketing archetype and the persona you can confidently embody.

It can show you the strategy to amplify your energy and the tone of voice to magentize your audience.

You don’t need to turn into a content factory to generate sales or build trust. You just need to learn how to express yourself as you were meant to.

Are you ready to transform your business and build an incredible relationship with your dream audience ?

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to a new world where your unique Human Design blue print will transform how you see yourself. I’m so excited for you. I know HD will transform your life and business the way it did for me and many of our clients.

The first thing I would like you to understand about Human Design is that it is not a personality test. It is an ancient system. It combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah  Vedic philosophy, and has personalities divided into five energy types. Each one suggests the best way for you to operate in this world.

Human Design can help you align with who you are truly meant to be, but have been de-conditioned to forget. In the case of expressing your brand and messaging, each design has unique coding reflected by the planets and numbers. If you know how to interpret it you will discover the best way to create content and projects that feel good and attract your dream clients.

In the case of using Human Design for business, basic rules of marketing psychology, consumer behavior, and brand strategy still apply.

That means that means that things like marketing strategy, SEO, and Google or Facebook Ads are still important.

Yet, at Marina Kech Studio, we stand up for a philosophy that everything we write for your personal or company brand will succeed best if it reflects and amplifies your unique Human Design.


Does this feel like you when it comes to content creation ?

“ I post content all the time and I’m barely making sales !” 

“ It feels like everyone is doing stories and webinars, but it doesn’t feel like me.”

“ I’ve been following all the  ”gurus’ and sometimes is working but I feel exhausted !

“ I feel so uninspired when I write my posts, sales pages….I’m try to use the frameworks but it’s still not working ”

“  I’ve added my brand story but I don’t feel like its many any difference ”

“ I’ve spent so much money on branding, photoshoot, ads… and I’m still attracting the wrong people or they won’t buy. What is going on ? “

” I understand that to scale I need to create digital programs, a mastermind, subscription services, but I have tried and it left me feeling burnt out. “

” I spent all summer creating an online course, investing in the branding, and I made 2 sales. I am so confused. “


 Helping Visionaries Leverage Their Resources


Join the dozens of entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries worldwide who have used our conversion copy writing + Human Design method to connect their products and services with the heart’s of their ideal audience  

How we achieve these results

1. We analyze your Human Design and discover your profile, authority, how your energy moves, and where your authority comes from.

  1. We tap into your innate genius by looking at combinations in your sun, earth, and and north nodes in your conscious and unconscious patterns.
  1. We help you access your innate gifts. This requires tapping into your subconscious patterns ( shadows ) that may be sabotaging you. We offer our clients 3 to 6 months coaching to make sure these unhelpful patterns are cleared. This means the magnetic messaging and brand identity we write for you will reflect how they show up in person in all personal and professional meetings.
  1. Marketing Brand Voice: we create your marketing brand voice for your landing pages, sales copy, social media captions, and brand story after we identify your marketing archetype and strategy.
  1. Content Messaging: We construct your marketing message using the themes of your conscious mercury in your Human Design chart.
  1. Profile Lines: We analyze your profile lines to see what kind of audience will resonate the most with your content and offers.

7. Circuitry, definitions and open centers, authority:  we check all these things in advising you the best way to structure your business model and share your offerings so your energy feels optimized.

8. Competitive Analysis: We run a standard competitive analysis to optimize your brand against your competitors and ensure a strong marketing strategy.

9. Sales pages, Brand Story, Website Content: After fusing together your Human Design and Business Strategy analysis, we employ the practices of marketing psychology to write your content for conversion.


Our 1-1 copy writing services are for you if you:

 Our 1-1 copy writing services are for you if you:

  • Have a product that will make an impact and just needs good communication
  • Want to partner with dedicated storytellers who respect systems and frameworks
  • Want someone to edit or write your sales page, website, or other sales copy for you 

 Our Process

  • We fuse traditional competitive analysis reporting and data analysis with your unique Human Design. We leverage time tested sales marketing behaviors to write you copy that will inspire customer action.


1 – 1 Copy Writing Services

RIGHT HAND EDITOR  ( you just want someone to edit your copy )

You have a product or service. All that is missing are the right words to get your customers whipping out their credit cards and letting you serve from your zone of genius.

So you sit down at your computer and start creating. 

You look at your screen and write. An hour has gone by. Then two. Then three. 

And you feel good, great even, with your results !

 You’ve written up your offers, make a landing page, and sponsor them on the gram. 

 Then a week goes by, then two. You feel something is not working. You’ve gotten a few inquiries and the rest, crickets.  

 You start to lose confidence that no one will ever buy your products, services, or engage with the amazing gifts you have to share with the world.

 This is where we come in.

 We will take a look at everything you have written. We extract the juicy goodness and re frame it so it sells. Limited Spots Available



Did you do all the  ‘right’ things in preparation to sell your E-course or launch your product ? Sometimes it’s the copy and sometimes it’s the marketing. If you already have a good list but something is just not adding up, I will spend the day with you ( in 3 increments ). I will put my eyes on whatever you have created and give it a shiny conversion generating glow up.  Limited Spots Available



No more being invisible online and having people misunderstand your business or worse, confuse you with another brand. In our conversations, we are going to extract the essence of your story and how it makes your brand unique. This is where our team truly shines. 

Then, we will insert our copy writing secret formulas so that your services and offers will be primed to get an immediate return on ROI, without compromising the soul of your business. 

 As we also designs websites, we will prepare everything so that it will seamlessly integrate into any web template you choose. Limited Spots Available



Have you created an incredible digital course, subscription, or product and would like some expert eyes on them before you send out emails or sponsor ads ?

Truth bomb: 80-90 % of the time, if ads or emails are not working, it’s the messaging.

We will analyze and strategize with you to extract all the necessary information to ensure people are moved by your message and voice. Limited Spots Available



Our Process


– Onboarding Questionnaire

– 60 minute strategy call over Loom

– Select Work to Edit

– Customizable to you

– Strategic Consultation

– Wrap Up

– Grant access to MKS templates as needed

      Other details based on the package provided during FREE consultation           



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I never imagined you can discover all that just from my birth data. When I gave Marina and her team my information I wasn’t sure what to expect. The result is amazing ! My content is performing so much better and I feel like I have more energy to create. Thank you !

Angela S.

Marina truly has a gift to listen to someone’s story and convert it into words. It’s one thing to say it out loud, but to have your story perform on social media, your website, your menu… I was truly impressed. I have more confidence now to share my story and business with new people I meet.

Monika S.

Marina’s Human Design reading really made me feel like she could see inside my head ! I have complete confidence to hand over my sales pages, website or product offerings whenever its time to launch. I love that she fuses spirituality with marketing psychology, it’s helped me with my conversions !

Liz H.

I´m interested, but I´m not sure yet

No worries- let’s stay in touch and I’ll send you some useful tips on how to use human design in your messaging and business!

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Other Ways To Work Together –  Start Your Journey Today !

( 3 Hours ) Instant Clarity Intensive, Master Your Heros Journey Story

In this session we will get crystal clear on the things that are holding you back in your subconscious mind so you can release your powerful brand story. By looking at the underlying causes of your limiting beliefs, we can extract the most important parts of your story. You will then start attracting the clients you truly want to serve. Go from feeling confused, overwhelmed, or stuck, to having a new strategy that will magnetize the right audience to you.

This session will include a customized brain wave meditation.

You will walk away with tools to more clearly identify your niche, goals, and learn how to extract the story you need from your everyday life.

You will have more confidence and clarity on where you want to take your business and why. You will also be able to identify your hero’s journey story and pitch it to anyone you meet.

500 USD

( 2 Hours ) Get Your Unique Marketing BluePrint

By tapping into the wisdom of your unique human design and astrological birth chart, we will be able to identify your truest gifts and get your unique marketing blueprint 

You will walk away with a clearer understanding of the best way to show up & serve the world based on your Human Design. You will learn a strategy that is simple, effective, and authentic.

We will also tap into your soul’s message. When you incorporate this into your Brand Story & your messaging, it is impossible for the world to not respond to you.

350 USD

3 or 6 Month Mentorship Program

Feel guided and held throughout your journey as you create a legacy brand where you are recognized for your unique talents and gifts. You will learn to effectively communicate your story in a way that you are living and breathing your message and mission. As you do, I will support you with clearing limiting beliefs that come up and challenge your progress. Subconscious reprogramming is a life changing skillset and once you learn it, you will always be able to catch yourself from defeating self talk. This will help you set goals and execute them faster, all the while staying true to your heart’s mission. During our working together, you will also have access to astrological insights and transits that are uniquely affecting your business or personal life.

We meet 4 times a month for 90 Minutes, daily access to Voxer

3 months 2500 USD
6 months 5000 USD