You are a visionary entrepreneur or aspiring one 
You have a powerful story to tell and know it will impact thousands of lives
You believe in the power of energetics and marketing with soul 

And you are ready to do whatever it takes to get your brand messaging and brand identity to a level where your ideal customer feels seen, heard, and understood

You are looking for:

An agency you can trust and will help you market and scale your business with vision, strategy, and your personal concoction of a magnetizing message. 

Here is where we come in.

What started as just me, Marina working as a journalist, copywriter, and social media analyst in Morocco four years ago, quickly evolved during the pandemic years. After meeting some of the most talented content creators, website designers, and strategists – who became my best friends – I understood that as a team, we could disrupt the inauthentic marketing model. Together we could transform business’ brands into stunning ones that reflected the magnetic human design of it’s creators.

Collectively, we have over 40 years experience working in the copy writing, brand design, and digital strategy spaces, in locations spanning from Boston to New York to Tokyo to Marrakech. We have worked with a large roster of high-end, luxury clients in luxury hospitality, beauty, fashion, real estate, and lifestyle coaches and high ticket educators.

The clients we work with all share one unison desire. That whatever we create for them is innovative and reflects their passion in a clear and confident way. That means that a touch of your authentic personality and brand story are key ingredients in the final recipe !



Meet The Team

Our team is filled with a wide range of personalities and backgrounds, including experts in strategic copywriting, brand & influencer strategy, web development, large-scale 360-marketing campaigns, consumer behavior, product development, and advertising. Above all else, our team culture is built around an open environment of communication, experimentation, and adapting to the market environment on behalf of our client. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where transparency, efficiency, and innovation are at the forefront of everything that we do.

Marina – The Coach

Founder, Human Design Brand Strategist, Conversion Copywriter

As someone with a creative impulse beating at the center of her life, Marina is skilled at using her gift of discernment to help businesses understand what direction to take, where to trim the fat, and where to focus their attention to detect and capitalize on relevant trends. She became one of the first established holistic health coaches before the market blew up 12 years ago, operating from her Bed in Breakfast In Tokyo. Her keen senses guided her to invest in products like the Vitamix blender,  Doterra essential oils, and AirBnB before they became a household name. Her experience growing up in Boston as a Ukrainian immigrant and living and working as an entrepreneur in 4 Continents, gives her a wide understanding of different cultures and doing business around the world.

Marina received formal training from the Isenberg school of Business at UMASS Amherst. She graduated with a dual degree in Marketing and International Business, Language, and Cultural Studies of Spain and Japan. After receiving her holistic health coach certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York ( 2011 ), she launched her first holistic business in Tokyo.  Since 2018 she has added  vedic astrology, conflict resolution, and brain wave meditation, subconscious reprogramming and Human Design to her tool kit arsenal.

She uses these tools to extract the stories of her clients and help them identify their greatest gifts. She is a firm believer that your business can only be as successful as your mindset and ability to confidently communicate who you are and why you do it. You can discover more about this in her 1-1 coaching.

You can work with her by ZOOM or join her at one of her holistic wellness retreats in Morocco.

Watch Marina’s journey here.

Amlal – The Expert

Head of Web Development, Tech, Creative Director of Strategy 

Our highly sought after Creative Director and Master Web Developer has been the driving force behind digital media campaigns in Morocco, Europe, and Dubai. He has a strong track record for success with client relation, directing photo shoots, and developing brands. His forward thinking visions have been enjoyed by Hollywood Movie scenes filmed in Ourzazatze, campaign shoots in the Sahara desert, and 5 star luxurious Condenast designated sites.

Chihiro – The Alchemist

An alchemist both the kitchen and inside the tech world, Chihiro holds an MBA from Columbia University and a Financial Engineering background. He is a visionary creator who piloted some of the first 3D model software and electric scooters for companies in Tokyo, Japan. Chihiro was one of the first case studies in MKS’ pilot Human Design and Brand Strategy program. The results he got from in launching Chihiro Cooks Tik Tok and Instagram platforms turned him into a believer that leveraging Human Design for content creation works. Just one look at his page and you can see how he effectively inserts his unique personality into his strategy. Chihiro is MKS’ personal strategist and our connection to creators in NYC and the animation world in Tokyo.

Before Working With Us

Prior to coming to us, our clients had bland to terrible experiences with their boutique marketing agencies, possibly like you.
They hired small or even professional agencies, and despite spending $3000, $4000, $5000 dollars on their social media every month they saw little to no results.
They paid thousands of dollars for Ad campaigns with results that left them feeling that they knew more than the agency they hired.
And in the worst cases, some of them hired business coaches that left them traumatized. The phrase ‘ the blind leading the blind ’ springs to mind.

How is this possible ?

First of all, marketing is not a one size fits all approach. It is true that certain frameworks and structures are helpful, but depending on the unique energetic blue print of you and your business, what worked for someone may not work for you.

This is why whenever we onboard a client, we look at their unique human design chart and make sure their offers align to the soul of who they are.

What you do, why you do it, and how you do it are important considerations we prioritize when building your premium brand.

Beyond this, you need to:

Start thinking of marketing as a sales engine.

Even if your website is gorgeous and your social media is consistently sharing nice images and videos, if your campaigns and marketing efforts are not bringing consistent sales, then something in your sales model and strategy is broken.

Truth Bomb !

Lazy, unprepared, and nonstrategic posting, creatives, or targeting reflects poorly on your brand and it shows in your sales.

When this happens:
Your content does not convert.
Your ad campaigns don’t generate sales.

Not only do you lose your money and time, but worse you lose confidence.
With Marina’s background working as a journalist in Morocco ( at one point she was sitting on the top of the Sahara dunes just to catch WiFi signals and make editorial deadlines ) you can trust that she leads her team with a focus on timeliness and efficiency.


I heard about Marina about 6 months ago and kept thinking I can figure all this out on my own...I was wrong...once Marina’s team got going with me, my brand just took off. Through her Human Design readings, I learned so much about my self and how to communicate with my audience. I feel more energy than ever before and things are just flowing. MKS is really great to work with and I highly recommend the HD readings!

Mark T.

I’ve had people tell me within the first moment read through my site, they could *literally* hear my voice and feel my personality.

Selma B.

If you are torn on your decision to start with a Human Design reading or go straight to building your brand, please do yourself a favor and invest in your business! Give Marina your trust. Her readings will blow you away. I also booked 3 months of coaching with her and my mindset is clearer than ever.

Caroline H.

My team and I worked closely with the MKS team during our most recent launch. They are incredibly reliable, dedicated, and handled the complexity of our campaign with total ease.

Eddie G.

How We Achieve This ?

First, we only make promises we can deliver.

We use the most efficient and best performing tools in the market.

The virtual world is an expensive landscape. To keep costs down and make the 10K, 50K, or 100K month figures you dream of, your strategy needs to be performing well and your brand story needs to be in there.

 To get these results for you:

We study the competitive market you are in.

We analyze your top competition, why they are failing and succeeding, and we carve out your unique strengths.

We determine the best platforms for your product or who the right influencers are to get you the best exposure.

We are resourceful and once we tailor the perfect formula for your success, we know that you will start to see immediate results in your customer engagement.

How are we different:

  1. When we take on a project, our design team and marketing team communicate so there is a shared vision. We always address the goals of a project together.
  1. We are a small boutique firm but our customers come to us because they know they can trust us. We practice ethical business with integrity. If for any reason we think we are not the right fit to help you, we suggest another agency or creator best suited for you.

 3. We build your brand identity, brand messaging, and website as a reflection of your unique human design analysis. This means that your brand is in true alignment with your purpose and innate gifts.

Our Promise To You

By leveraging the power of high performing tools, mesmerising design, and strategic brand messaging we will help you connect with your customers hearts and wallets. Just as we have transformed the businesses and paychecks of dozens of clients worldwide, we will do the same for your brand. We will turn whatever you are working with into gold !

 What will happen ?

Can you imagine getting messages from clients asking to get on your next product or digital course waitlist  – before you even launch ?
Can you imagine your products, events, or offerings being sold out before they even the hit the virtual shelves ?
Can you imagine being able to sleep peacefully because the agency you hired truly has your back? and is operating with the best strategy to maximise conversions.
Yes this is possible and it is what we want for you ! 

"You guys were the perfect people to do this. We've recieved so much great feedback on our emails and ad copy for our launch. Everything felt organized, efficient and fun!"

Ashley W.

Marina is amazing. Every time I talk to her I learn something new about social media and ad writing. You should look at her coaching programs, a great way to keep stay motivated and on track. I love how she incorporates the subconscious stuff into everything... really helped focus my mindset.

Pete S.

“I finally have a plan and STRATEGY for implementing my launches! They saved me so much time by teaching me how to batch with a strategy ”.

Sarah H.

"I feel encouraged, inspired, and confident every time I hand out my business card or direct people to my website.

Amanda G.


Help me build an emotional connection with the right audience and grow my list. I am ready to share my story with the world


I want to make a strong impression, I need a brand identity that will WOW my audience and turn them into fans


 I have amazing digital products or I’m selling ecommerce – I  just need to get the right eyes on them! Please help me scale