Do you need Strategic Content that inspires customer action on your e-Commerce site, Ad Campaigns, and social media posts?


Hi there, does this feel like you? You have an amazing idea or product and all that is missing is the beautiful content and good communication to get clients,  and keep them coming back? 

So you sit down at your computer to start creating….

You look at your screen. An hour has gone by. Then two hours. Then three.

You see what you created and realize it doesn’t capture your business’ vibes at all. Even the captions sound like an uptight corporate robot!

You start to lose confidence that no one will ever buy your products, services, or read about the interesting news you have to share.

This is where I come in.


Hi, I’m Marina and I’m a digital marketer, content creator, and brand storyteller based in Boston, USA, and Marrakech, Morocco.


My team and I specialize in leveraging marketing strategies & analytics to create branded content and funnels for emerging and established E-businesses.


My Story


In 2019, I moved to Marrakech to work as a journalist and editor. The role helped me discover Morocco and interview everyone from top architects, hoteliers, designers, musicians, and artisans. When I wasn’t sitting on top of the Sahara sand dunes and chasing wifi signals to meet editorial deadlines, I was meeting with passionate entrepreneurs, small business owners, and innovative brands. 


Regardless of their industry, they all had one major thing in common: They wanted someone to capture the essence of their brand and communicate it strategically, in their websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media content. 


And with that, Marina Kech Studios was born.


We are a team of creators, designers, and digital strategists. We can’t wait to help you communicate your ideas and bring your business to life!



  Brand Story Telling
Brand Story Telling

To capture people's attention you need to capture their hearts first. Understanding your customer's problems and connecting them to the WHY in the work that you do will make you relatable, memorable, and stand out from your competition.


We work with the best photographers and designers!   We set the scene, create the mood boards, and communicate the vision to our talented artists. The result? Beautiful photos, reels, and videos for your Instagram and Facebook feed that converts views into product sales. 


Even the best designed website is just a glorified business card without consistent and relevant content. Keep your audience engaged and your website on Google’s radar with weekly blogs posts optomized with relevant keywords.


If you are spending money and time creating content for your products or services, don't make the mistake of not running strategic Ad Campaigns! If you want to reach the right people, they need to know you exist!  



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    Galerie SINIYA28



    Galerie SINIYA28 was established in March 2016 with the aim of supporting young, emerging Moroccan and international artists. A project born out of passion, GalerieSiniya 28 owner Hadia Temli sought to present her artists in a way that highlighted the stories and techniques behind each artist’s work.

    After defining goals to


    1) raise awareness on Instagram for the GalerieSINIYA28
    2) Encourage foot traffic to the gallery
    3) Sell paintings


    we structured a monthly content calendar plan that featured each artist and highlighted keys events

    Results Since December 2019:


    • Organic Followers Have Grown By 1100
    • Post Likes Have Reached Up to 648 Likes
    • Three Major Events Have Been Presented On the Instagram Account
    • The Galerie has been featured in a major contemporary African Art publication
    • Highlights & Profiles Created For Each Artist

    Event 1: Live Streaming and Stories prepared for Artist Talk with Award Winning Multi-Media Artist Alia Ali during December 2019.


    Event 2: In partnership with the second edition of Marrakech Art Week by Artcurial, GalerieSINIYA28 presented Houda Terjuman, a Syrian-Swiss-Moroccan artist. To prepare for the launch, Galerie SINIYA28 created a buzz by sharing invitations through their Instagram page and offering sneak peeks in stories. Targeted sponsoring was executed in all three stages (Leading up to, during, and after the event)


    Event 3: In partnership with the third edition of 1-54 Art Contemporary African Art Fair, Galerie SINIYA28 presented CROSSROADS, a collective show featuring Alia Ali, Houda Terjuman, Mounat Charrat, and Meriem Yin. The all-female show shined a light on the creatively unique and powerful language of expression used by the artists. A full marketing campaign involving storytelling, artist interviews, and AD sponsoring was implemented during the event.