Hi, I’m Marina.


I’m a digital strategist and brand storyteller for E-Commerce businesses.


My team and I are based in Boston, USA, and Marrakech, Morocco and specialize in creating visual and written content for emerging and established brands. I think I know how you ended up here, but let’s make sure.


MAYBE you feel overwhelmed because you have a list of products you want to promote but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it.


MAYBE you feel stuck because your products or services aren’t selling so you need a whole new strategy.


MAYBE all you have is an idea and you need help bringing the whole brand, website, and marketing communication to life!

If this sounds like you, keep reading. You are in the right place.


As content creators, marketing strategists, and brand storytellers, our job is to help you communicate your business’ story, vision, personality and help you sell your products.


How would you like to receive fan emails and messages on social media THANKING YOU for creating content that is never boring, conversational, and relatable?


How would you like to hear that your services are making an impact and offering value to your client’s lives?


How would you like people to stay on your site longer, comment on your posts, share your articles and newsletters, and tell their friends about you and your business?


This is the power that comes with understanding your client’s needs, anticipating solutions, and communicating in a way that connects with their hearts.


The right images and words can work miracles and we can’t wait to show you how your business can reach new levels of success!

What Makes Me Qualified?


I have been writing sales copy, landing pages, and newsletters since I first ran my holistic coaching practice and wellness center from Tokyo, Japan in 2011.

I wish for you to avoid the overwhelm and burnout I went through in learning all these processes. I had to experience the hard way what it meant to have a business I was passionate about, but not have anyone care because I failed to communicate in an engaging way.


Why not put your energy into the areas you excel, and give yourself more time to spend with family and friends?

As a digital marketer, I know what it takes to understand your customer’s pain points and create irresistible offerings. As a former journalist, I respect deadlines, think strategically, and ask the key to identify your customer persona.  

The team I work with shares the same critical thinking and smart working values.

Academically, I have studied International marketing with the best business professors at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA), Kansai Gaidai Daigaku (Japan), and Francisco de Vitoria (Spain).

In recent years I have also trained under world-renowned branding and copywriting masters like Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray, and SEO growth gurus like Neil Patel. 


Most recently, I was the Associate Travel Editor of Morocco Travel Blog, wrote for cultural digital magazines in Africa, created web copy for innovative tourism brands, and communicated the business visions of art houses, social enterprises, and passionate entrepreneurs. 

Since mid-2019, I have been creating visual and written content for the tourism, hospitality, and entrepreneurial community in Marrakech, London, Athens, Boston, and beyond. 

Want to see some of my work?

Check out my portfolio here and read what my clients say about me




1. In our 15-minute Discovery Call we will meet, get an idea about your project’s needs, and see if we are a good match to work together. 


2. Based on your goals, we will determine the best plan for your business’ growth and how to communicate the essence of your brand.


3. We can discover your brand in person or work together virtually by phone or Skype.


Are you ready to extract the essence of your brand and communicate it with the world?



social media 

   Every savvy business owner will benefit from having a supplementary e-commerce income.     We can help you execute a branded launch plan for growing your business.   

               ( FB, IG, Pinterest ).

community management

Communicating your brand professionally via social media is more important than ever. We will help you discover the best channel for your products and create brand content that drives traffic and converts into sales. 

content creation 

We specialize in Reels, IGTV, Posts, and Social Media Stories. For brand photoshoots, we choose the best photographer to bring your vision to life.


Part-Time & Full Time Management Available


ad management
facebook, IG, Linked IN, pinterest, tiktok

Is there even a point to spend time creating content if no one will see it? We offer Ad and Campaign management to make sure your products & services get the right attention. 


Part-Time & Full Time Management Available


Competitive Analysis & Buyer Persona


How can you build your marketing strategy if you don’t clearly identify your competitors and the content that getting backlinks and shares? 


How can you design a marketing plan & campaign if you can’t anticipate solutions for your customers because you don’t understand what their problems are and the best ways to engage with them?


How can you invest money into marketing ad campaigns if you don’t know these things? 


You can’t and you shouldn’t.


An aimless strategy is like throwing your time and money at the wind. Maybe you’ll hit bullseye occasionally but most of the time it will be fruitless.


A well-done competitive analysis can help you understand your sweet spot in the marketplace and the kind of content you should promote. This is the key to doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your sales. 

E-Books, Newsletters & PR

 When you have a well-managed mailing list, your newsletter can act as an ATM! We create email experiences for your customers based on who they are and how they interact with your business. No audience yet? We can help you start one!


 A strategically written e-book is a great tool for enticing your visitors to join your mailing list. This tool helps you build trust with your audience and convert offers into sales.


Are you launching a new product, service, business, or hosting an event that needs more awareness? One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating a press kit so that the media can know who you are and what you do. A press kit file is also useful to have available for collaborating with influencers. When you have a good presentation of your company prepared, you will be ready for every opportunity and have the confidence to create new ones. 

                                     Get in touch with us to discuss your project.


brand storytelling 

If you want to help people they need to know you exist.
Your About Page is one of the most visited ones on your website. The right story makes you stand out from the sea of people who offer similar services and will build trust with your clients. People want to work with and buy from people and businesses aligned with their values. Sharing the why behind the work you do is essential to attracting the right clients and differentiating you from your competitors. 


 Do you have more to share? Ask about our book writing services. 


Book A Discovery Session To Learn More



No more being invisible online and having people misunderstand your business or worse, confuse you with another brand. In our conversations, we are going to extract the essence of your story and how it makes your brand unique.

-Includes: (About Me Page, Contact, Services, 5 Pages of Choice)


If you have a website the best way to keep your clients engaged and stay relevant is to consistently offer high-value content. This can be done with short weekly blogs posts and newsletters aimed at your specific audience.


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Make your website easier to find with carefully selected keywords. Woven into your copywriting strategy will be researched words that will help your ideal clients discover you faster. These same words will be useful in your blog content or Instagram copy.