frequently asked questions



What is brand storytelling?

Storytelling for your brand is the process of making people want to experience your product or service by integrating a unique story that highlights the WHY behind your business.. Doing this successfully turns your audience into loyal fans. Just having someone know your story is not enough. People want to know what experience they will live, and what story they will leave with.

Where do you use brand storytelling in your content creation?

We use it in our social media posts, Instagram reels, IGTV, photography, and Instagram stories.


Do you do engagement sessions on social media for each brand ?

Yes, whenever we schedule a post or stories on social media we also do selective engagement with targeted accounts. 


How do you choose which accounts to engage with ?

With over 10 years of international marketing experience ranging in countries like the USA, Spain, Japan, Greece, and Morocco we are experts in studying our environment and our audience. Prior to working together, we discover your unique customer persona so we know how and where they will spend their time online.




What is the difference between sponsoring ads and a campaign?

Sponsoring or boosting a post is giving it some extra help to perform well. There is little effort behind it other than pushing a button. Ads and campaigns on the other hand, are well planned, designed, and follow a marketing psychology.  



Why should I hire a copywriter?

Hiring a copywriter helps your brand develop a voice and gives your readers a personality to connect with. According to a study performed by Conducter marketing company,

“ 131% consumers were more likely to purchase from a brand, after reading content from that brand.” Additionally, “78% of respondents found a brand “helpful,” while 64% found the brand “trustworthy” after reading brand content. These numbers increased by 8-9% one week later.”

It is important to understand that copywriting is a science and there is a huge psychological aspect to it.


Is SEO really important for a content writer?

SEO is really important to the visibility of your business. It is important that the content writer you hire be comfortable with keywords and up to date on the latest Google SEO practices. Content writing and Keyword research require separate research strategies and unique skill sets. Some content writers outsource to SEO specialists and therefore each service has different fee structures. Ideally, you want to find a writer that is capable of doing both. Our copywriting agency is set up to provide you with the option of boosting your content or copy writing package with SEO services.


What is the difference between content writing and copywriting?

The main difference about the two are expressed in goals. Content writing is usually in the form of blog posts or articles. A content writer can write about any variety of topics and has the job of hooking in your audience to learn more details about products, experiences, or other offerings. Copywriting services are for those seeking help with newsletters, social media content creation, landing pages, product descriptions, brochures, press kits, etc. The goal of copy material is to sell your products or services. Copywriting is an art and requires following the AIDA Model. It is also helpful if your copywriter has some understanding of consumer psychology and is familiar with your niche.


What niche does your team specialize in?

We specialize in creating content for businesses in the cultural arts, design, tourism, social enterprise, and entrepreneurial spaces.

What is AIDA?

AIDA is the acronym for the marketing model for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This model takes the consumer on a journey leading to the buying decision. It is used in web pages, emails, advertisements, direct mail, and even radio and TV ads. It was invented in 1898 by Elias St. Elmo Lewis, whose article citing 3 advertising principles eventually inducted him into the Advertising Hall of Fame.


What Is A Brand Voice?

A brand voice refers to the personality and emotion that reflects how to communicate with your company’s ideal client. It encompasses the brand tone, personality, and image of the brand. Capturing the brand voice correctly has the potential to increase newsletter subscribers and convert your offers to sales almost overnight.


Why Should I hire a copywriter if I’m a good writer?

Just because someone is a good writer does not mean that they are a good copywriter. Effective copy will convert your offerings into sales and your freebie opt-ins into new subscribers. You can read books and take seminars to learn the tricks and strategies involved in effective copywriting however you must consider if the time commitment is an opportunity cost you wish to indulge. One common mistake that many owners make is they believe it is enough to know their clients and services well. Although this is essential to your business’ success, it does not always translate into inspiring customers to trust and pay for your services. Especially for businesses generating little to no income, investing in good copy writer can prove priceless. A good copywriter can help you get clear, heard, and visible.

What comes first, copy or design?

Most conversion experts would agree that regarding sales, copy comes first, design second. The importance of the design and copy relationship is also dependent on industry. As we serve many clients in the tourism and hospitality world, design is essential to everything we do. On the other hand, a copywriter producing content for the technical or medical industry may need to be less concerned with design.

The fundamental to understand is: “while no one will care about your beautiful website design if your copy doesn’t resonate — your copy can’t resonate if your words are unreadable or surrounded by awful design.” – Marie Forleo.

(We offer design services in house.

Why am I having such a hard time writing?

Writers block is common in everyone from students to professional writers. Additionally, if you are struggling to write i.e) your About Me Page or Story, you are likely too close to your work. As a result many people often get the blank screen syndrome. This can easily turn into anxiety, sleepless nights, and a delay in releasing your website, articles, or social media campaign. Investing in a copywriter will bring you more peace of mind and faster results.

A copywriter can also be a great person to bounce ideas off. (Please inquire about our IDEAS GENERATOR service.

Why is copywriting so important?

When you’re hiring a copywriter, it becomes a collaborative relationship. Effective web copy takes time, research, psychology, strategy, and team work. The team work between your copywriter and you. It is important that your copywriter has excellent listening skills, asks the right questions, has a wide vocabulary, strong command of the English language, and the ability to be empathetic and open minded. Empathetic marketing is essential in effective copywriting. These factors all influence how well your story or your company’s story will be conveyed.

We also recommend you select a copywriter who is familiar with your niche. While an excellent copywriter will be able to write on any subject, it is strategic to hire someone who writes specific to your niche industry.

What are top considerations when hiring a copywriter/copywriting agency?

When selecting your copywriter or copywriting agency, we recommend the following:

            1. they are comfortable and familiar with remote work

            2. they are responsive, reliable, and organized

            3. are able to meet deadlines and deliver on time

            4. they can communicate clearly through email/zoom/whatsapp/skype, etc

            5. you like their writing style and tone

            6. You have a good rapport and enjoy communicating with them. Ideally you share some

              similar values.


What questions should I prepare answers to before meeting with my copywriter or copywriting agency?

            1. Who are your target consumers?

            2. Have you completed an avatar/profile on your ideal consumer?

            3. Who are your competitors?

            4. What are your company’s values and mission?

            5. What is the aim of the copy? What should readers take away after reading your website or articles?


What Should I Pay A Professional Copy Writer?

A copywriters prices reflects their experience and the turn around time requested. Also important to consider is how many stages and meetings will take place before the end result can be achieved. A client who already understands their ideal avatar’s pain points, has completed keyword research, and has both offerings and prices prepared will need less support than someone in the beginning stages of a general concept and a name.on