Marina Kech Studio, founded by Marina Solovyov, is your go-to digital marketing ally, especially if you’re a tech founder or leader dreaming big about inventing the future of your industry.

Our services span the full spectrum of marketing and branding, but where we really shine is in strategic analysis, crafting SEO-rich content, and boosting brand awareness through advertising and PR strategies.

Located in the heart of Boston, we’re lucky to be part of a thriving tech scene, rubbing shoulders with key players and organizations like Boston Start Up, Boston Dao, Boston Blockchain Association, the academic powerhouses of MIT Sloan and Harvard Business School, and the innovative spaces of Cambridge Innovation Center and Tech Stars. This gives us a front-row seat to the latest trends and tech, and lets us build invaluable connections with some of the brightest minds around—all so we can give our clients that extra edge.

We believe in tech because the world’s moving fast. Groundbreaking technology like Blockchain and AI, when used in the right way by heart led founders, will empower the everyday person to stay up to speed and advance.

We also understand most startups or ventures stumble because they either run out of cash or lack a killer go-to-market strategy. Having been in the founder’s shoes herself, launching three businesses across three continents, Marina gets this struggle. That’s why she’s on a mission to help fellow founders beef up their chances of “making it”, with smart, data-driven strategies and spot-on execution.

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"You guys were the perfect people to do this. We've recieved so much great feedback on our emails and ad copy for our launch. Everything felt organized, efficient and fun!"

Ashley W.

Marina is amazing. Every time I talk to her I learn something new about social media and ad writing. You should look at her coaching programs, a great way to keep stay motivated and on track. I love how she incorporates the subconscious stuff into everything... really helped focus my mindset.

Pete S.

“I finally have a plan and STRATEGY for implementing my launches! They saved me so much time by teaching me how to batch with a strategy ”.

Sarah H.

"I feel encouraged, inspired, and confident every time I hand out my business card or direct people to my website.

Amanda G.

About Us

Our Values

Our team is filled with a range of talented personalities and ethnicities from around the world whom we collaborate with on a per project basis. We value kindness, healthy communication, and pride ourselves on building relationships where transparency, efficiency, and innovation are at the forefront of everything that we do.

Marina – Fractional CMO, Brand Strategist, Head Copywriter for B2B and B2C

Marina’s journey into the heart of marketing and strategic communication has been anything but conventional. From the captivating streets of Tokyo, where she launched a holistic bed and breakfast in 2011, to the bustling markets of Morocco, where she established a thriving communications agency, her path has been shaped by a deep curiosity about the world and a passion for connecting with people on a meaningful level.

After years of living and working abroad, Marina returned to Boston, her hometown – and found a new calling amidst its dynamic tech and start up scene. Inspired by the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, she turned her attention Boston’s start up community. Her affinity for industries like cybersecurity, blockchain, and fintech isn’t just professional; it’s a reflection of her personal values and her vision for a more equitable and safer world. As a first generation immigrant from the Ukraine, she believes in using technology to democratize information and empower the everyday person. 

Marina’s approach to marketing is grounded in empathy and a genuine desire to understand the challenges and aspirations of tech founders. Starting from pitch deck analysis, Marina has helped numerous Boston entrepreneurs refine their messaging, hone their presentation skills, and expand their networks. Her strategy is always evolving, fueled by a commitment to staying abreast of industry trends, engaging with the community, and leveraging cutting-edge tools to drive brand innovation and awareness.

At the core of Marina’s work is the art of listening—truly hearing the stories of clients and their audiences to uncover underlying problems. This empathetic foundation – developed when she worked as a journalist in Greece and Morocco – enables her to craft bespoke marketing, communication, and PR solutions that resonate deeply and deliver results.

Marina’s network is her strength. By fostering collaborations with some of the area’s finest developers, engineers, and designers, she’s built a robust ecosystem that enriches her clients’ projects and ensures their success in the competitive tech landscape.

Our Brand Designers & Website Developers

Since opening the doors of her communication agency in 2019, Marina developed a talented pool of favorite brand designers, UX specialists, and website developers. Their locations span between Morocco, to Europe, and New England. Depending on the demands and scope of the project, Marina selects the best match to align with her client’s goals.

Our Content Writers

As the former associate editor of Morocco Travel Blog and social media expert, Marina manages the bloggers and writers that create content for our larger projects. Our writing team comprises a combination of industry professional freelancers and university students from Northeastern, Boston University, and other New England based colleges.

Our Promise To You

By leveraging the power of high performing tools, innovative design, and strategic brand messaging, we will help you connect with your customers hearts and help you stand out in the marketplace.