Establish in London in 2009, Marrakech Concierge is an exclusive travel service provider for adventurous travelers who want to experience the best of Marrakech’s nightlight, luxury lifestyle, and cultural experiences. With a wide range of partners, villas, and activities to present, Marrakech Concierge dreamed of communicating everything in a sleek design that captured their brand’s essence.

As we had worked together on the website copy and identified the customer avatar throughout 2019, we decided to start our Instagram project in spite of the pandemic. The halt of tourism between the UK and Morocco encouraged us to get even more creative. The initial phase of the project prioritized keeping the Instagram feed active whilst updating the page with a luxurious design showcasing a story of the brand’s services.


6 Steps To Achieving Our Success:



1. We defined the story and essence of Marrakech Concierge: A lifestyle luxury concierge creating experiences beyond your imagination.
2. We choose a sophisticated and rich color palette to make each photo reflect the mystery, magic, and opulence of the exotic Red City.
3. The instagram highlights were redesigned to match the branding of the website and company logo.
4. Due to the pandemic, we re-assessed the needs of our customer and the best way to add value through the account.
5. To make the feed more dynamic, we hosted a virtual lockdown DJ party and integrated weekly Trivia nights in our stories. Both activities emphasized Marrakech Concierge’s commitment to their clients and invited the audience to arm chair travel to Marrakech.
6. Each post was carefully curated and written to engage the UK community by telling a piece of the company’s story