Studio83 Maroc needed a full branding and social media strategy. Upon starting the project in October 2019, the account had 300 followers and was an undiscovered destination in Marrakech.

As of February 2020, the account has reached a following of 3, 867 followers and has become one of Marrakech’s most coveted nail spa destinations.

6 Steps To Achieving Our Success:

1. We defined the story and essence of Studio 83 Maroc: A Peaceful Oasis in The Busy City
2. We created a brand color and theme that was integrated into each element of the account. A sophisticated shade of pink was chosen for the Instagram Page highlights and used for the copy in each story. The main page features images that reflect our brand color strategy.
3. Each post was carefully curated and written to deliver high-quality content, engage the local community, and incorporate the salon’s highest values: sophisticated, professionalism, and hygienic practices.
4. A strategic marketing campaign involving nail spa promotions, targeted post sponsoring, and community events were utilized to grow Studio83Maroc.
5. We strategically collaborated with the local community and invited influencers who would add value to our audience.